FAQ About YouTube Join Button

1- How to become a member? / How can I join?

Click the join button next to the subscribe button. Then choose the level that suits you best and confirm the payment process. Have a problem? Check YouTube Help* website.

2- Is there a fee to become a member / join?
Yes, there are fees that vary depending on the membership level you choose.

3- How many types of levels are available?

Three levels of membership are available. Support Level, Early-Access Level, Beta Level(Soon).

4- What are the contents of the levels?**

 a.Support Level;

   - Price: $3

   - You can support and motivate me.

   - You can not access members-only or early-access mods.

 b.Early-Access Level;

   - Price: $13

   - You can support and motivate me.

   - You can access earlier to my mods.

   You can not access members-only mods.

 c.Beta Level(Soon);

   - Price: $20

   - More details coming soon...

5- Where can I find out when new mods are released?

You can find new mods by visiting our official website or YouTube channel.

6- How can I cancel my subscription?

Check YouTube Help* website.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me.

Note: The content on this page may be out of date. You can visit my YouTube channel for the latest version.

*Extracted from YouTube Help site. So Farm Mods TV does not take any responsibility.

**Farm Mods TV reserves the right to change the contents and prices.