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FS22 Simple IC

The famous SimpleIC, Easy Interactive Control, Mod is back!

With the first version of FS22, something fundamentally changed!

There are now different modes of interaction with TriggerPoints, these modes can be set in the game settings menu of FS under "SimpleIC".

Not only can you choose how TriggerPoints are displayed (always, never, only on hover),

You can also change whether you want to click or activate the TriggerPoints by hovering over them.

The stationary stopwatch method is primarily designed for hands-free use with head tracking.

All additional features such as rigger control are disabled for the first FS22 release,

only animations and toolballs are active at the moment.

I will add the other features at a later date once the base is running smoothly.

Credits mainly to me, Modelleicher, working on it Many thanks to Wopster,

who gave me permission to use the game menu code

Changelog: V

Fixed issue when saving simpleIC_animations.lua(81) [Issue #4]

V First release from Github for FS22

Most important:

How can I test and play this? Download and add it to the mod folder Download a mod,

which is compatible with SimpleIC, or edit one for yourself (there are currently no sample mods for FS22,

but I'll add more later - however the XML is the same as in FS19,

so that you can use it) Go in the game and have fun

Report bugs, if you notice any please with a log, description or pictures

What is that:

This is a new version of Farming Simulator's well-known interactive control scripts.

It was established in FS19 as a well-known and commonly used mod, so here for FS22.

I didn't want to redo this mod initially, but nobody else wanted to, so here we go.

Hope you like it and have fun

This is a global script, which means you don't have to add it to each mod separately,

no additional modifications to modDesc.xml like l10n texts etc. is not required.

Obviously the XML and i3D of the vehicle still needs to be changed, the script can't magically separate the doors and add trigger points.

But once the necessary lines are added, IC will be active as long as this mod is active.

It also means people who don't like IC don't have to delete all vehicle mods,

but just don't need to enable this mod. it also means that there is only one IC version and not 50 different ones,

conflicting updates for IC are global and usable in all mods

Here is how I add this to my mod: There is an example.xml that explains all the current possible XML inputs and what they do.

Unless you're new to modding, this should be enough to get you started.

If you are already familiar with modding, here is a quick explanation:

(See the Deutz Agrostar link above for the full XML lines.)

outsideInteractionTrigger = playerTrigger where player can open doors and stuff from outside animationName = animation name for door animationSpeed = animation speed (obviously) common animation = not yet added soundVolumeIncreasePercentage = how much the volume will increase when this door is opened.

Values are added for more than one gate, max is outdoorSoundVolume insideTrigger and outsideTrigger = "TriggerPoints" eg transformGroups marking where the IC component can be clicked triggerPoint = index / i3dMapping name for the transformGroup triggerPointSize = size / Radius around of the TriggerPoint where it is always registered as clicked




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